Almost Daily – 3/1/07

January 3, 2007


Ghost in the Gutter, doesn’t really matter

Besides hiding behind a keyboard in the name of essays I think I’ve started the year well, including my first Almost Weekly post, looking at a memory of one track of the week in abit more depth. I’m just trying out different ways of writing really. Last Night I caught Kylie at Wembley Arena – a free ticket fell into my lap courtesy of Marky Mark and I thought “Why the hell not?” – which was quite a treat. My retinas are still scorched by the sheer wattage. Writing about Queer Theory and Fandom afterwards seems natural.
Though being in Wembley like that, and seeing such uniform worship of someone made me feel quite uncomfortable. Indie is, despite appearances to the outside, not a particularly individualistic experience. Fashion trends are sometimes more important than music, and nobody looks really out of place, borrowing looks from all kinds of eras – It’s usual to look unusual/scruffy/twee etc (Guess who went to Panic last night? Yep, and mighty fun it was too). But being at Wembley, seeing so many people reaching to look like some Big Brother contestant, stetched anonymity beyond comprehension. One day all music will be seen in such circumstances, in the centre of vast ships careening through space, broadcast to planets far and wide and observed in ritualistic fascination. And everybody’s retinas will be damaged.

I think I might steal that and write a review over the weekend…


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