Almost Weekly #5

February 3, 2007

Rebellion (Lies) – The Arcade Fire (live at Porchester Hall 3/2/07

It begins with feedback, drum crashes and bleak, stuttery lighting. The audience, worked up already by a blistering rendition of ‘Power Out’, can feel what’s coming, as the wall of sound ripples through the crowd. The band are lost in the notes, each bringing this terrible beast of noise to order, and slowly something begins to take shape.

A solid drum beat thumps out a heartbeat rhythm as the guitars strike up riffs familiar and welcome but still possessed of the urgent quality they had on that first listen so many months ago. Win is a huge presence, impassive and massive, commanding attention with his stature where his petit wife Regine demands it in her sylph-like stage presence, lost to drama and lyrics. You can get spend all night in their eyes. But there’s still the rest of the band, eight more tonight, who comlete the sound, making it multi-faceted, almost chaotic.

Richard screams into the megaphone while violinists twist in the stagelights, as three hundred people shout ‘Lies’, all of us gripped by a hands-in-the-air absorption. “People say that you’ll DIE!” it’s defiant, daring the authority to tell us what we can’t do. We can’t stay up for five days and spin a yarn and live like lunatics? Then fuck you. We’ll do it, and we’ll do it prettier than you, and we’ll create art that excells yours twice over, and by the time we go to sleep we’ll have an army – which will beat yours.

Clap Clap

People writhe and bounce as the songs begins its close, the insistent beat reviving bodies weary but impassioned. If anything we’re even more worked up by the final strains of piano and viola, ready for more…


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