Almost Daily – 7/2/07

February 7, 2007

Music and Lyrics

The Rakes, last night, were really quite dissappointing. The music was good, the band were good, but the venue is fucking horrible. Tutu’s has the acoustic qualities of a broom cupborad. A broom cupboard filled with awkward shaped walls that makes the sound bounce like an absolute bastard and sound guys who understand the correct level to be “let’s drown the vocalist under a wave of bass and distortion”. As for the audience, after the Jamie T debacle (though, to be fair, I should have seen that coming, and it’s not like I like him anyway), I’m convinced that guitar music is poised to dissappear up its own arsehole for at least another decade. Thugs and bastards to a man, it was like they’d stumbled into Dad’s ‘special cabinet’ and had their first sniff of whisky before running off to fuck a speaker stack. Who starts a mosh pit at anything less than a metal gig? Who does that? Kids at Green day or another nameless emo band, I get that, but who is dull enough (dare I say it, who is White/Middle Class enough) to mosh at a band who sing about going to work? They aren’t exactly asking for a revolution. Po-go-ing I get. ‘Going mad for it’ I get. ACTUALLY moshing?

Anyway, my rage is tempered by things:
1. Yesterday friends and loves secured me various MP3, leaks and torrents that delight me with their range. Neon Bible anyone?
2. The First of Fence Collective’s Picket Fence E Set cam through. Picket Fence is/will be ten CDs released over the next 10 months with a little news-sheet accompanying it. This month E01 is by Rich Amino, DIY recordings under the title (or, at least, I was). It’s pretty, bare and sweet, knocking strips of most of the acoustic shit that’s been radio bound recently.
3. In my presentation yesterday I, successfully, argued that La Jetee is not a film but, in fact, a comic book. I used Scott McCloud’s definition of Sequential Art alongside pages of Phonogram to prove it (arguing that the reader creates a soundtrack for Phonogram via the text). I’m a genius.


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