Almost Daily – 12/2/07

February 12, 2007


* I realised while sending Adam a text that I haven’t seen anyone socially since I left my girlfriend’s house on Friday morning. This is seriously weak. I intend to live again come next Monday, with a possible gap tomorrow as I re-enter emodom for one night only at Brand New.

* Buy me the lyric book here (and also have a gander at one of the ugliest websites for a major label band I’ve yet to find…

* In ‘On the impression of reality in the cinema’ Metz suggests a “psychological credibility” of the moving image that structures our impression of events. Movement, Metz argues, is critical to our impression of reality for two key reasons: Firstly, movement connotes a spatial presence. The people and objects within the image clearly inhabit their own environment and can interact within the frame to prove the ‘reality’ of the environment they have been filmed in. “Movement,” Metz states “brings us volume, and volume suggests life”. The second reason relates to the corporeality generated by the act of movement in itself, something the photograph cannot replicate. He posits that movement is never something that is tangible, it is something that is only ever experienced in the visual – one can only see movement, not touch it – so to replicate the sight of movement is to infer reality. He examines the clear distinction between the temporal reality generated by the still image of Barthes’ analysis and the moving image, by placing their treatment of the subject side by side. The photograph captures a moment that has passed, and the viewer is left with the psychological impression of it ‘having been’. PHOTOGRAPHY ESSAY BOY WHOSE NAME I FORGET looks at a photo of a prisoner on death row and points out the temporal inconistency of seeing a man alive who is now dead. The mind can only settle on the impression ‘He was alive’. By re-animating this moment, the filmic image creates a greater impression of reality, masking the subject’s ‘real movements’ as a moment in the past and allowing the audience to engage with it in the ‘real’ present.

* Go to this…

* Watch The Duloks…

* Hear the Duloks…

* The Arcade Fire cover The Clash…

* One for my American friends…

* 65daysofstatic are touring around my Birthday. Please come with…


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