Almost Daily – 1/03/07

March 1, 2007

Too much news in one go:

* Tired
* Going to Cork on Stag Weekend in which I expect to be drunk into an early grave
* Really fucking tired
* Have made a significant start on my dissertation
* A few of my reviews have made it up onto http://www.soundgenrator.com in the last few days
* I wrote a feature article that includes exclusive quotes from Adam, del, Kate, esther, Fyfe ‘Guillemots’ Dangerfield and Frank ‘mother-fucking’ Turner. I may re-write it using the other 5000 words of quotes I have and see who’s interested.
* Malcom Middleton’s new record is great
* The Rapture make me dance.
* I’m tired to fuck
* I got locked out of my house the other night
* DAD AND I AREN’T HAVING OUR TENANCY RENEWED, SADLY. Which means that this little union of a year old in a house we’ve come to know as home is ending about the same time as my dissertation hand-in. Ruibbish. It WILL continue in a new home though.
* I like people at the moment. Shine on.

See you next week, when I will use a whole day to update those brave few who care. Much love.x


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