Almost Daily – 5/3/07

March 5, 2007

In The City It’s The Only Light

Just want to begin with an ode to the beauty of the latest update of Mozilla Firefox.
Get it.
Got it?

Stag Weekend in Cork was bloody brilliant. Highlights included a scary Japanese Prostitute making a move on Ray’s Kidneys, Conor’s reminiscences of Ireland, meeting Pat and the Irish boys again (some for the first time actually), not thinking in more than token terms about work, thinking a bit about journalism, GOING GO-KARTING (coming close to last), stomping a team of eleven young children during a cinematic game of Quaser (Final score 470 to us, -60 to them), drinking, eating and sleeping away three days.


Here’s what the internet throws up in my absence:

Preview of the penultimate issue of Phonogram…

Foggy Notions, a fantastic music magazine Conor showed me in Cork…

Article on post-Britpop music, glitter and all…


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum…

Steampunk Magazine

The tour video for Radio Protector by 65daysofstatic…

Retreat, Retreat live in Japan (65daysofstatic, again… I guess now that Neon Bible is out and in my hands, in its beautiful packaging with all of its gorgeous music, I’m going to start getting excited about The Destruction of Small Ideas)…

Bestival is going to make me orgasmically happy this year…


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