Almost Daily – 9/4/07

April 9, 2007

Let’s see what I’ve got for you…
* On Wednesday I wore a mod-ish suit and tie and went to interview for a promotion at work (Royal Opera House). And I was offered the position, which was great. I will ofiicially be ‘Looking Good In Black’ (TM) from Tuesday onwards.
* On Sunday I went to Alice’s parents house to be cooked for and looked after. A very happy day was had, much enjoyed. My little lady now wanders off to Italy for a week, fucker.
* This is the issue of Sandman that Neil Gaiman signed for me:

* This is the result of a meme I nicked from Jamie McKelvie’s blog…
* Did you know?
* I re-discovered my love for The Prince Charles Cinema this week. Caught Marie Antoinette, which was very pretty, and really, really unsatisfying.
* The soon-to-be relaunched soundgenerator.com website looks crisp and clean.
* Got sent my own, hand-decorated Picket Fence newletter folder today, along with the new Picket fence by MC Quake. God Love Fence Records
* 65daysofstatic are love
* Sarah Bates, love that she is, has a Mum. And Sarah’s Mum had a copy of Still by Joy SDivision from 1980 that she felt she had to give me, and who am I to argue. This made me nearly wet with excitement.


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