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Almost Daily – 31/3/07

March 31, 2007

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Four weeks on Monday everything will be over. Well, University will be over. I’m in an essay-oriented state of limbo for the time being, which is acceptable, and with 6’000 words of the 10’000 written, I’m feeling good about it. This weekend I’m turning to Fredric Wertham’s Seduction of the Innocent to explain the grand hammering the comic book industry took in the 50s, before putting it to bed for a couple of weeks as I plough through Modern Film Theory (Film as an artistic vs philosophical discourse), Photography U.S.A. (Mythmaking in Gonzo, the AMMO press book of Hunter Stockton Thompson’s photography) and Movie Music (the diegetic and non-diegetic disctinction).

In other news, the flat hunt continues. This may worry me if we don’t find somewhere in the next two weeks, but I’m quite blase about it at the moment. I also visited the new soungenerator offices, and got a peek at the soon-to-be-relaunched website, both of which are swish, crisp, easy to navigate and terribly cool. Very much looking forward to starting that off properly in May.

I’m no longer heading to ATP, but am heading up the the Bristol comics convention on May 12th and 13th, and the Bestival line-up continues to look brilliant – more announcements coming from that camp this weekend I believe. But in the meantime, the internet continues to happen, so here are some links:

* “The trouble with being human” an essay on ‘liquid modernity’ and relationships

* Resonant Frequency #45 (@ – an editorial about mystery in music



Almost Daily – 20/3/07

March 20, 2007

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Lots happened. Wedding, drunk, dissertation, drunk in film screening, little money, Malcom Middleton, Hungover, gave Girlfriend house-key, got invited to Birthdays, made friends, sorted more of the Soundgenerator thing, no money, got my Astoria feature article published (e-mail me if you want a copy), met nice people, fell utterly in love with After Murder Park after Paulie at Rough Trade ordered me a copy, realised that just thinking about how beautiful In The Aeroplane Over The Sea is brings me close to tears.

Warren Ellis – Gift Card Writer


Almost Daily – 5/3/07

March 5, 2007

In The City It’s The Only Light

Just want to begin with an ode to the beauty of the latest update of Mozilla Firefox.
Get it.
Got it?

Stag Weekend in Cork was bloody brilliant. Highlights included a scary Japanese Prostitute making a move on Ray’s Kidneys, Conor’s reminiscences of Ireland, meeting Pat and the Irish boys again (some for the first time actually), not thinking in more than token terms about work, thinking a bit about journalism, GOING GO-KARTING (coming close to last), stomping a team of eleven young children during a cinematic game of Quaser (Final score 470 to us, -60 to them), drinking, eating and sleeping away three days.


Here’s what the internet throws up in my absence:

Preview of the penultimate issue of Phonogram…

Foggy Notions, a fantastic music magazine Conor showed me in Cork…

Article on post-Britpop music, glitter and all…


Sleepytime Gorilla Museum…

Steampunk Magazine

The tour video for Radio Protector by 65daysofstatic…

Retreat, Retreat live in Japan (65daysofstatic, again… I guess now that Neon Bible is out and in my hands, in its beautiful packaging with all of its gorgeous music, I’m going to start getting excited about The Destruction of Small Ideas)…

Bestival is going to make me orgasmically happy this year…


Almost Daily – 18/2/07

February 18, 2007


Check this out: Michael Hoppen Gallery

But might I state, for the record, the overwhelming power of that ‘Don’t Fuck It Up’ sensation.
Also known as The First Rule. Commander of action of heart and head, borne of those terrible little nightmares when, suddenly, yes: I do have a future. I do have something that I do.

Doorbell – must go.


Almost Daily – 12/2/07

February 12, 2007


* I realised while sending Adam a text that I haven’t seen anyone socially since I left my girlfriend’s house on Friday morning. This is seriously weak. I intend to live again come next Monday, with a possible gap tomorrow as I re-enter emodom for one night only at Brand New.

* Buy me the lyric book here (and also have a gander at one of the ugliest websites for a major label band I’ve yet to find…

* In ‘On the impression of reality in the cinema’ Metz suggests a “psychological credibility” of the moving image that structures our impression of events. Movement, Metz argues, is critical to our impression of reality for two key reasons: Firstly, movement connotes a spatial presence. The people and objects within the image clearly inhabit their own environment and can interact within the frame to prove the ‘reality’ of the environment they have been filmed in. “Movement,” Metz states “brings us volume, and volume suggests life”. The second reason relates to the corporeality generated by the act of movement in itself, something the photograph cannot replicate. He posits that movement is never something that is tangible, it is something that is only ever experienced in the visual – one can only see movement, not touch it – so to replicate the sight of movement is to infer reality. He examines the clear distinction between the temporal reality generated by the still image of Barthes’ analysis and the moving image, by placing their treatment of the subject side by side. The photograph captures a moment that has passed, and the viewer is left with the psychological impression of it ‘having been’. PHOTOGRAPHY ESSAY BOY WHOSE NAME I FORGET looks at a photo of a prisoner on death row and points out the temporal inconistency of seeing a man alive who is now dead. The mind can only settle on the impression ‘He was alive’. By re-animating this moment, the filmic image creates a greater impression of reality, masking the subject’s ‘real movements’ as a moment in the past and allowing the audience to engage with it in the ‘real’ present.

* Go to this…

* Watch The Duloks…

* Hear the Duloks…

* The Arcade Fire cover The Clash…

* One for my American friends…

* 65daysofstatic are touring around my Birthday. Please come with…


Almost Daily – 22/1/07

January 22, 2007


Ack, God. I’m just going to run away into the internet instead of thinking about my dissertation meeting today. Apparently what I have is “solid basis to go further” but it’s all going to be “made or broken on the strength of my critical material”.

“You do have access to a variety of materials don’t you?”

Who? Me! Of course, sure, yeah, be stupid if I didn’t. Wide. Vast. It’s like a tree of knowledge. No, a room of knowledge. What don’t I know, you may as well ask. Haha, oh, yes.

Oh no.


VOTE in the Eagle Awards

A horrifying creature of death

Is this terrifying or cool?

Solomon Grundy Want Pants too!


Almost Daily – 9/1/07

January 9, 2007

If I was young I’d flee this town

Some days I just bloody love the internet. I got in last night, after a long mare of a day, to find fantastic blogs to read, news from friends and news links that just made me enjoy this fair collection of wires and linked servers all the more. Delightful.

Keiron Gillen writes words that inspire in somebody “a single manly tear”…

BBC tells me I can recieve terror alerts in my inbox…

Pitchfork offer Beruit’s Elephant Gun for download…

Warren Ellis sending us the way of shit-buried men…

An ex-girlfriend nodding us to the way of the 2006 Darwin Awards…

Sometimes I bloody Love The Internet