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Almost Daily – 30/1/07

January 30, 2007


Fuck me, is that the best that my generation can offer? Is this the millstone upon which the mid-noughties youth will be brutally sacrificed? Weak characterisation, cipher-come-stereotype wankers, wandering around with phones plastered to their ears, sorting out parties, shags and poses with the kind of enthusiasm usually reserved for paying parking tickets and buying an ironing board. It’s horrible. Every bloody character is some horribly outdated post-Warhol version of a human. I mean, if you’re going to try and do semi-relevent comedy-drama at least try not to fall into the same leaf-covered bear-pit that As If dug for itself. At the same time, these characters all seem so completely unaware of the world around them. Tell me we aren’t this self-abosrbed, please! At least the people I know wear their faults and introspection on their sleeves. We’re so self-aware it’s repugnant, while not a one of the people flashed at your eyes in the mobile phone montage sequence seems capable of dressing, let alone taking a step outside of themselves. It’s reaching for fun irreverance, but it just doesn’t work because nobody’s fucking like that!

At least the soundtrack is interesting (in the spirit of full disclosure I must admit I do know one of the soundtrack programmers, Alex), but isn’t that just the sting in the tail: When incidental music replaces characterisation. Teachers was one of those series where the soundtrack became a clear manifestation of a certain type of lifestyle, connoting (as soundtracks do) a wider world beyond that portrayed. Music is the rarely spoken weed in Spaced, the world twisting surreality of Trigger Happy TV. Point: British (Channel 4 in particular) productions do damn well integrating the soundscape with the landscape. But because Skins suffers from such a piss poor script (“Do you always have to use such foul language?” Tony’s nameless Mum asks of Harry Enfield’s furious charicature of a Dad. “Fucking bollocking shitting cock” he replies, as the camera gently dovetails into his arsehole) one can only sit and listen to aural chewing gum that actually provides emotion. Yes, in that respect it’s JUST like the last 2 series of The O.C.

I’m getting to a point where I’m going to be happy to skip forwards ten years and see what anyone has to say about right now. We’ve got the end of the world going on around us while everyone and his Grandma is making or dancing to a pretty little soundtrack for it, but our version of escapism is a charicature of what we’re far from being: Ignorant. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but information about EVERYTHING, not to mention a vastly expanded notion of self-perception, is EVERYWHERE. An inescapable fact of life.

Consider this a work in progress, and one I’ll be happy to change if it gets challenged…