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Almost Daily – 9/4/07

April 9, 2007

Let’s see what I’ve got for you…
* On Wednesday I wore a mod-ish suit and tie and went to interview for a promotion at work (Royal Opera House). And I was offered the position, which was great. I will ofiicially be ‘Looking Good In Black’ (TM) from Tuesday onwards.
* On Sunday I went to Alice’s parents house to be cooked for and looked after. A very happy day was had, much enjoyed. My little lady now wanders off to Italy for a week, fucker.
* This is the issue of Sandman that Neil Gaiman signed for me:

* This is the result of a meme I nicked from Jamie McKelvie’s blog…
* Did you know?
* I re-discovered my love for The Prince Charles Cinema this week. Caught Marie Antoinette, which was very pretty, and really, really unsatisfying.
* The soon-to-be relaunched website looks crisp and clean.
* Got sent my own, hand-decorated Picket Fence newletter folder today, along with the new Picket fence by MC Quake. God Love Fence Records
* 65daysofstatic are love
* Sarah Bates, love that she is, has a Mum. And Sarah’s Mum had a copy of Still by Joy SDivision from 1980 that she felt she had to give me, and who am I to argue. This made me nearly wet with excitement.


Almost Daily – 2/4/07

April 2, 2007

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First, a minor victory today as I completed an essay in a day. Which goes to show I am not entirely slack or stupid. Well…I suppose the mark will show that, when it comes, but at least I didn’t lock myself out of the house like Dad did.
The new Blonde Redhead record, 23, starts promisingly, then gets very very dull.
The start of Doctor Who was fun enough, not brilliant though. I like the new companion though, and I really do like this season’s new Easter Egg Thread.
On that note:

And, finally, a slice of love,


Almost Daily – SPECIAL EDITION (11/2/07)

February 11, 2007

No Almost Weekly post this week: I have been lax, and though listening to music, just haven’t been in the mood to write about it.

No, this post is to ask you all to watch the BAFTAs tonight, especially the red carpet bit, because it’s at the Royal Opera House, and seeing people you know on TV is always amusing.